Your future will change if you can speak
Chinese and Japanese!
[More advantages for employment. Business opportunities in your home country will expand.]
  • 1 out of 4 people in the world speak Chinese.
  • Of the 24 million tourists in Japan, 12.38 million are Chinese speakers.
  • China is the second largest economic power in the world and Japan’s biggest trading partner.
  • 48% of Japanese companies who enter foreign countries choose China.

College Characteristics

With Chinese as the main subject, you can study Business, Japanese and English.
Beijing Language and Culture University Tokyo College Characteristics

Student Interview

Tarnya Wright
Students' Voice 
Since I am fascinated by both Chinese and Japanese language, as well as their culture, I decided to enter this school to improve my language skills. I believe that there will be more job opportunities for me if I am able to speak Chinese fluently.

I am very happy studying here because my teachers are very helpful and detailed on explaining Chinese grammar. My classmates are very kind and friendly to me! Since some classmates are from different countries, they each have different personalities which I find very interesting!
Sasindu Silva
Students' Voice 
I had a lot of Chinese friends in my old Japanese language school and they taught me a lot of Chinese words and that got me interested in Chinese. My language school teacher told me there is an interesting university if you want to learn Chinese so I gave it a try and entered this university.

Classes are really interesting and have a major impact in my side to learn Chinese and I am enjoying these classes. My classmates are really interesting and active people, There are a lot of Japanese, Vietnamese and Uzbekistan students etc so the classes are also fun. I want to use the skills as a Chinese speaker and make a positive influence in my field of work as an IT Engineer.